Bowling in the Bronx

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Gun Hill Road and Boston Road, Bronx, NYC

When you think of The Bronx, is bowling the first word that comes to mind? I would guess to answer no. Gun Post Lanes, though, at the corner of Gun Hill Road and Boston Road, is a look inside the ordinary thrills of The Bronx by engaging in a less-frequented activity. Most New Yorkers usually travel through The Bronx, go to Yankee Stadium to watch a baseball game, or visit local attractions such as the New York Botanical Garden or The Bronx Zoo. What about seeing The Bronx from the inside by doing an activity at a place that is not known for that activity? Being inside Gun Post Lanes, between the sounds of the bowling balls hitting the wooden alley and pins falling to the back drop of a dark hole, you can envision a Friday night in the 1950s with the out-dated wall decor and QUIDNUNCS filling the room and chatting away. In this post-war scenario, you can also hear DIGLOTS VATICINATING the outcome of the ball’s movement and the pins destiny. What if we all engaged with less-frequented parts of New York City from the inside out, thinking about the old and the new?

Quidnunc: Production Notes from Soho

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When I was asked to make a video about the odd sounding, but very
pretty looking word quidnunc for the Abecedariumnyc Project, I
immediately thought of New Yorker Magazine editor and author Ben
Greenman’s satirical “newsical” Fragments from Death Comes for Britney
Spears! The Musical.

Since Quidnunc is a person who seeks to know all the latest news or
gossip, I wanted to make something based on entertainment gossip and
the ever-expanding number of blogs, news programs and magazines
devoted to the cult of the celebrity. I adapted Ben’s rhyming
“newsical” and placed it within the confines of a office where I could
play off the whole notion of gossip and use such signs as the water
cooler, internet, a little bird, gossip magazines, the tabloid
journalist and gossipy co-worker; and fold these clichés into the more
sinister aspect of entertainment gossip. Though a dark parody, the
project is intended to create sympathy for Ms. Spears, and to
encourage a discourse on the gossip industry by which celebrities are
manufactured and then recycled into mulch.

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