Xenogenesis: Flushing, Queens

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From my 2007 diary…..What a strange and deeply inspiring summer. I have been living in New York City for just about ten years, and I think it is finally becoming the kind of muse that sends my creative spirit flying. Tonight I drove to Flushing to shoot xenogenesis. Little did I know that a drive to this marvelous Asian community would lead to one of the most unusual epicurean experiences I have ever had — eating authentic Szechuan food. This region of China includes the highly pungent taste of Mala. Eating this invisible, peppery powder in our appetizers was like diving into a pool of ocean water with an electrical socket plugged into the taste buds of your tongue. What a charge!

So back to filmmaking, though in many ways such taste-defined sensations are very tied into the witnessing and thinking that comes with collecting images for our words. It’s all new and all extremely sensory. Tonight I shot in the Sago Bubble Tea Cafe because it seemed like a great place to study the radical shift in life style between generations in the Asian community in this city. Here I was able to see tables of young people gathering to drink a particularly new dessert drink, to eat French fries, to participate in a sense of community that is, to my eye, so different from that of their parents.

Zenana: Images of Henna in a Queens Beauty Salon by Barbara Hammer

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2007: Thanks Lynne for sending me to a new place in the 5 boroughs of New York, Queens! I have long wanted to explore the Roosevelt subway stop area which centers on Roosevelt Avenue filled with Asian Indian restaurants, sari shops, and, voila Le Henna womens’ beauty salon. The young woman artist who designed my hand was so surprised that I didn’t want an elaborate design, but rather, one that could be completed in the 2 to 3 minute video clip you asked of me. There she is, there are our ears, our hands. Wedded for 3 minutes! Of course, I immediately went to the nearby store and bought my own henna ready to draw the body brown line beauty brown. (Barbara Hammer)


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYzlfG04FQk A semi-secret rock venue in Ridgewood, Queens employs the sound of an adjoining Mexican restaurant as a cover and as an indicator.

Bibliomancy: A Little Flip Book About Love and Sex

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(and Masturbation)…
The passion of sex has become intertwined within our modern notions of love. Sharing loving moments with another person is the most primal human desire. And SEX is the most intrinsic physical expression of that love.

BUT if you’re home alone on Saturday night, without the tender touch of another, how could you possibly fulfill your desire? Read a book of course!
Each turning page contains a poem of loving tenderness. Skim the pages one at a time OR watch as passion explodes!

As infamous New Yorker Woody Allen says,

“Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.”


The Penitent City

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All the hoping and praying

all this city

ever did was


like a tot to a tit

trying to squeeze milk, milk

and more milk

from her blemished breast.

The harbors’ mother

tarnished to reptilian green

slowly bows to the burden

shows her chameleon skin

and crawls slow

into deeper waters

leaving her pedestal, cloak

and pointed coronet.


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The bus driver keeps telling us, “Move back to the rear.”

But no one is listening, people plugged in

with their white earphones, their bluetooth headsets

singing and talking to no one, but loudly.

The driver’s not going to move unless we retreat further into the bus.

I can’t go anywhere, pressed against a heavyset man wearing a backpack.

I’d rather walk, but it’s 30 degrees out and windy.  No one wants to move,

did I already say?  We finally go and at Calamus Street, I almost crack up,

literally, like Van Gogh, my head almost splits in two.  Forty people

cramming to get on and we’re already 10 over quota.  Everyone’s a critic.

I’m a critic at 7am when I just want to get on the subway, get a seat,

go to work to make my money and pay my bill.  ‘It boils down to bills,’

my dad used to say.  Boiling bills, we work to pay and we pay

to work, but not really in that order always, though it seems so.

Oh the subway, we finally make it and people are pushing and shoving

and It’s no goddamn race someone yells.  People come to blows at 7am,

did you know?  Have you ever witnessed two elderly women having a slapping

fight?  A homophobic man reapetedly yelling FAGGOT FAGGOT at the top of his lungs

because another man bumped him?  It’s not too pleasant

traveling among strangers, among that energy.  No wonder we plug in,

pretend we’re alone, horse blinders protecting us from the universe.

Melanie Daly


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On the local train

the seer in the corner rhapsodizes

to all, but really to himself, he knows

what is good and true, but he’s lost sight. 

He sleeps fitfully splayed across the bench

a waking dream, recurring nightmare,

the lullaby of Next stop

36th Street

and Steinway

and Northern Boulevard. 


I’m going home,

I’m going home.

Melanie Daly

Treasures of The New York Public Library

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In case you were wondering, yes, The New York Public Library (NYPL) has a YouTube channel, and the “Treasures of The New York Public Library” playlist is an amazing resource for all that obscure archival footage you never knew you were looking for. Start here with “The New York World’s Fair, 1939-40” and then travel to Manhattan’s Sputyen Duyvil Creek in “Mapping the World” with curator’s from the Map Division.