3 thoughts on “An Apartment Quidnunc”

  1. In this video, I thought that there was an interesting ambiguity around the word QUIDNUNC. It felt as if the camera itself became the vehicle for the local gossip trail. As I listened to the first man’s recounting of his visit to the bar, as casual as it was, I somehow felt that I was witnessing a private sphere of his and his friends’ existence that they might never had intended to share with the public. Who is actually relishing the exchange of gossip here? The teller or the receiver of the tale? The informality of the shooting was in itself drawing me in, as if everything that transpired was being exuded from the walls and the souls of the apartment’s inhabitants.

  2. I agree with what Lynne wrote above. Also I think the VHS aesthetic effectively emphasizes the intimacy of these moments, painting them as home movies never intended for public display. I think this film comments on the inherent voyeuristic quality of film and brings up questions about the ethics of displaying the image of another.

  3. I love the way you edited the piece together. It reminded me a lot of Harmony Korine’s trash humpers. It’s like watching a home movie made by someone cinematically conscious.

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