2 thoughts on “Quidnunc”

  1. Visual gossip for non-audiles, musically subtitled… all those angles on no words, on two sets of kinetic lips—male no less— babbling time into boredom… boredom passed by speed travel effectively oblivious to city details, the real story… not received by the bathroom, and in the bathroom with mirrors… hyped awe with no place to go… Awesome rendition, voicelessly poetic…

  2. These QUIDNUNCS are all male, so I am wondering if something is being implied about the kind of communication that they are making, if it is gender specific? There is some quality to their performances that speaks of being alone, an awareness of what is beyond but nevertheless a sense of isolation. I suppose that one’s role as a QUIDNUNC is to be so deeply entrenched in the lives of others that one’s own existence is ignored. To live purely outside one’s immediate state of breathing and eating and smelling and hearing — to live through a medium like a phone as a way of declaring life.

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