Living in an Open City during Covid 19

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Jocelyn, ICU Elmhurst Hospital, April 4, 2020
The Covid Journal

The Covid Journal is a project I launched a few days ago. It’s my response, my contribution, my attempt to be useful in this incredibly strange and difficult moment. On a regular basis I am going out into my community which includes one of the most virus besieged hospitals in this virus besieged city, Elmhurst Hospital.

5 thoughts on “Living in an Open City during Covid 19”

  1. This beautiful photo reminds me of a quote I once read: “if you can’t be a poet, be a poem”. I often wondered which would be actually harder. In a time like now, I think being a poem is definitely a lot harder.

  2. Accra, there is something so timeless about this image while still being so rooted in the now. Perhaps is is her smile, calm demeanor, or confident but relaxed pose that makes us forget the battle she is fighting. Stunning image of one of our city’s heroes!

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