BY | Posted on | FILED UNDER Categories Audile, Queens A semi-secret rock venue in Ridgewood, Queens employs the sound of an adjoining Mexican restaurant as a cover and as an indicator.

2 thoughts on “DIY”

  1. I really like what you did with the oncoming train and the music build up leading into the train moving by and the music kicking in. It was quite a rush.

    The cat was hilarious. The slow-mo was freaky. Lightning Bolt’s playing this Friday.

  2. What an accomplishment, to spin together a fluid documentary meditation on the entymologic roots of the word AUDILE with a brash witnessing of an elusive Queens rock venue. The combination is fascinating. I was really taken with the dynamic between quiet and noise, btwn realism and abstraction. The distinctive rhythm made me listen much more attentively. I heard the language of the music and the melody of the conversation.

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