Typhlology: The scientific study of blindness.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1xA_XGPLoEWith the odd sense of familiarity have we clept these lenses,Marketed them as glass or sand or dust;To purport the sacrosanctity of our creations:Our running narratives.Every moment there is a brilliant sensory experience at the surface of the retina,A surface that may never fail to float behind the clouded atmosphere;In front of which passes on these artifacts,That are functions of preparation or at least precaution.But, by and by, we see enough to note the differences:Of rich, or pious, or proud, or poor.Enough to garnish no resistance,To clepe the lenses equal (behind the atmosphere) once more.

3 thoughts on “Typhlology: The scientific study of blindness.”

  1. I think your conceptually rigorous meditation on blindness – social that is – is an extraordinary piece. You have taken TYPHLOLOGY to a new, demographically complex, level. Simply put, this work makes me think by way of a visual idea that is clear and provocative. The verbal descriptions of the people and the dog are precise and intentionally over determined, while the fogged behind-the-glass images both beg to be looked at and resist being seen.

  2. Clever, simple idea, and well executed. I really enjoy how, despite the fog, people still try and find a way to differentiate themselves, whether it be putting their nose to the glass, tilting their head sideways, smiling, etc. Its funny how you can still get a hint to a person’s personality with such limited knowledge of them, and the clues of age, race, sex, are rather irrelevant to the person the viewer yearns to know through the glass.

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