intestinzlanch09 (v1) — inquiline

BY | Posted on | FILED UNDER Categories Inquiline, Manhattan intended to be projected on three walls of room plus floor and ceiling. rough edit, need to rework in after effects- i want the endoscopy to be much more abstract.two videos are found footage of an endoscopy (sorry, its graphic), and a man getting caught in an avalanche with a camera on his helmet (he survived).relates to word inquiline in that we are all just simple components of this giant, massive organism that is new york city. insignificance and claustrophobia.

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  1. This reminded me of an installation that was part of the L women in contemporary art exhibit at the Pompidou this summer in Paris. It was a small black cylinder that you could step into and on the floor of the cylinder was a video of a woman exploring her body with a tiny camera (essentially an endoscopy). The sound was the natural sound of the images and consumed the entire cylinder. It was pretty fascinating to see the colors of urine, the consistency of mucus, and how so many of our body parts look so damn similar to each other up close.

    I like the colors in this too. A lovely blue and orange.

  2. Entering this piece with the knowledge that INQUILINE signifies a temporary visitor, I thought about the interior terrain of our bodies as a site of co-habitation. The slippery organs we witness on the screen have a lush beauty, one that engulfs and nourishes simultaneously. I would be interested in seeing the images in another domestic contest, which could happen by rephotographing them as they exist on a screen or tv in a another INQUILINE environment, like a bedroom or kitchen in a dormroom. Might be interesting and this too could be posted to ABC/NYC.

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