5 thoughts on “I Fucked A Virgin”

  1. Your CULMINANT piece “I Fucked a Virgin” had an aggressive macho to it that I thought might have been a satire of the kind of fraternity brother ethos around being the first to have sex with a virgin. The idea that this could be the culminant (highest on the totem pole) experience brought to mind something I heard that may be an urban legend and no more. Someone told me that there are developed, wealthy cultures in the world where women do cosmetic surgery to make it appear that they are virgins when they are not, in this way making their bodies more appropriate for marriage. The lengths that people will go in order to play the gendered game of social “success.” Interesting cinematic provocation that made me think.

  2. Totally dig this film of yours.
    Highest point doesn’t have to be on top of a mountain or up in the sky.

    Short, brief & highly interesting with one line that can be discussed and debated over all across the world.

  3. How funny!

    it’s almost like a satire of the idea of how precious virgins are. It’s strange how elated that guys is….

  4. Great way to examine bro culture. The loud, assaulting repetition seems like a cinematic interpretation of the sexual act itself. Our disgust is of the attitude of the group this man represents; that something as trivial as being the first person to have sex with someone could be their highest achievement. Great stuff.

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