2 thoughts on “Being in two places at one time: Holus Bolus and Foudroyant”

  1. There was such an exuberance to your piece about home here and home in India. I was completely swept away by the sense of longing that you express. Your passion for your family and for the world that they constructed around you during your childhood was so beautiful to see. I can see why you were drawn to the concept of a HOLUS BOLUS sensation, one that allows you to have it all — all at once. The super impositions that you created were so lovely and evocative. The colors from India were of course deliciously FOUDROYANT; they were beckoning me to visit your country.

  2. A very emotional and personal piece. I felt invested in your family and could share their joy and excitement for life. India to New York City is a drastic change and it’s interesting to see how people cope.

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