3 thoughts on “Audile”

  1. wow, very very cool and psychedelic.
    I like how you take a child’s voice (something so atonal and essentially nonrhythmic) into something so musical. The use of urban landscape, things both rough (chain link fence,barbed wire) and soft (trees, puddles) creates an eerie contrast to the child’s innocent voice. I am reminded of the aphex twins when i watch this. The syncopation of image and audio create a truly audile experience.

  2. What an exuberant piece on the way we listen and see. When the child’s voice called out to me to “Listen to this!” I knew that I was also being asked to hear with a hightened sense of awareness. There was such an engaging quality of movement in the images as they seemed to be choreographed with the audio rhythms. In the end, I didn’t even need the electronic music to keep the pace active, as I had moved into such a syncopation with the whole, an AUDILE with open eyes. The commitment to closeup photography gave me the chance to experience the images like colors and shapes rather than photographed objects from reality.

  3. Its so fun! Extremely well edited/ mixed. I appreciate the choice of visuals- the recurring theme of reflection forces the viewer to consider the image through a different context, whether it be the through the rhythm of a child’s voice or something in the collage of images.

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