2 thoughts on “Audile”

  1. This microsymphony creates an exquisite conversation btwn sound and image: the shimmering dance of shadow and light, the xylophone tinkling,the movement of cars or trains against wooden planks. Somehow such a piece asks us to listen to what we had presumed we did not want to hear, to see what is usually hidden. I felt my eyelids opening up more, allowing me to appreciate the micro wonders of an industrial landscape.

  2. Your playing with light really created a visual melody all on its own that made me reexamine the space and sounds of moving machines in New York City. I thought the contrast between the xylophone bells and the (what sounded like a) wind tunnel for when we saw people simply on bikes or less energized forms of transportation (i.e. walking) created an interesting juxtaposed relationship that brought about numerous connotations. If anything, it makes you notice every little shadow coming in and coming out from ever the slightest motion.

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