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Pelagic: Movies in the Bronx by George Kuchar

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In 2008, George Kuchar made this short film about his mother’s death for our Abecedarium:NYC project.  I gave him the word PELAGIC which means “related to the ocean” and asked him to make a video inspired by its meaning.  During this period,  he told me, there were just so many tears that this movie came to his mind almost spontaneously. (Lynne Sachs)

“The borough of The Bronx was a wonderful place to shoot movies when I lived there. If you needed jungles and mountain streams there was always either The Bronx Botanical Gardens or Van Cortlandt Park. For prairie settings an area near Bruckner Blvd. was ideal and for seaside vistas there was Orchard Beach. A magnificent setting, bleak and empty (like an Antonioni film), was the wasteland which is now occupied by Co-op City. For bombed out, war locales a vast stretch of tenements that stood in the projected path of the Cross-Bronx Expressway made apocalyptic visions possible. For inspiration there was always the unobtrusive structure named GOLD MEDAL STUDIOS where scenes from the Marlon Brando, Joanne Woodward, Anna Magnani film called, THE FUGITIVE KIND was shot. And then there was the splendor of the PARADISE THEATER on Fordham Road; a true movie palace of incredible opulence. What more could a budding filmmaker want? The sexual frustrations and religious traditions also helped fuel the imagination and the full-bodied figures of many Bronxites added fuel to the furnace of seething passions. Though the scenery may have shifted and changed here and there the dreams continue so follow that yellow stained brick road, who ever you are, and become the thing you always wanted to be! Good luck!”  (George Kuchar)

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Baseball Lapidaries

BY Erik Schurink | FILED UNDER Bronx, Lapidary

Baseball Lapidaries

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BY Erik Schurink | FILED UNDER Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Xenogenesis

‘Yankee’ and ‘Bag’ by Hendrik KerstensYankee and Bag, by Hendrik Kerstens, on view at the Museum of the City of New York through September 13, 2009.

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Bibliomancy: A Little Flip Book About Love and Sex

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(and Masturbation)…
The passion of sex has become intertwined within our modern notions of love. Sharing loving moments with another person is the most primal human desire. And SEX is the most intrinsic physical expression of that love.

BUT if you’re home alone on Saturday night, without the tender touch of another, how could you possibly fulfill your desire? Read a book of course!
Each turning page contains a poem of loving tenderness. Skim the pages one at a time OR watch as passion explodes!

As infamous New Yorker Woody Allen says,

“Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.”


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The Penitent City

BY bradybass | FILED UNDER Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Open City, Places, Queens, Staten Island

All the hoping and praying

all this city

ever did was


like a tot to a tit

trying to squeeze milk, milk

and more milk

from her blemished breast.

The harbors’ mother

tarnished to reptilian green

slowly bows to the burden

shows her chameleon skin

and crawls slow

into deeper waters

leaving her pedestal, cloak

and pointed coronet.

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A Return to Charlotte Street

BY Susan Agliata | FILED UNDER Bronx, history, Information, Places, Vaticinate

Bronx Density MapOn his land use and transportation blog, Starts and Fits, Aaron Donovan, examines Charlotte Street, and the effort to bring suburbia to the Bronx in “New Hope in the Bronx.” The post is from 2006, but thoroughly examines the history of development in the area using detailed maps and diagrams. If you’re interested in urban planning and Bronx history, it’s a fascinating read. While on the site check out his other posts on locations from St. John the Divine to DUMBO, and browse the Planning and Urbanism link collection.

See the map of this post from Charlotte Street.

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Forgotten NY: From Street Necrology to Subway History

BY Susan Agliata | FILED UNDER Bronx, Brooklyn, history, Information, Manhattan, Places, Queens, Staten Island

Forgotten NY Logo For anyone interested in above, or below ground NYC history, Forgotten NY is an absolute treasure. Curious what your neighborhood looked like 100 years ago? Find detailed street necrology and photo galleries for neighborhoods from Greenwich Village to Astoria. Whether you live in Bushwick or Jamaica, St.George or the Lower East Side, this trove of original source documents will keep you occupied for hours.  Want to get even closer to NYC history? Take a Forgotten NY walking tour anywhere from Prospect Park to Hell’s Kitchen.

Happy exploring!

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For Audiles: WNYC Soundcheck’s Noteworthy New York

BY Susan Agliata | FILED UNDER Audile, Bronx, Brooklyn, Information, Manhattan, Places, Queens, Staten Island, Words

WNYC Soundcheck's Culture Map A great tool to find and contribute NYC cultural destinations.  Add your own local favorite or explore other ‘hoods with WNYC Soundcheck’s Noteworthy New York.

See the map of this post from WNYC Radio.

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Elutriate! Vaticinate!

BY Erik Schurink | FILED UNDER Bronx, Brooklyn, Elutriate, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Vaticinate


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Portrait of an Artist During the Morning Commute

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In the age of multitasking it only makes sense that Artist’s would take to the streets and try to fit in their passions along with their duties… YouTube Preview Image

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