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I left on that afternoon. The sunflowers on Thames street saw me moving three suitcases.
The sunflowers were in the sunlight.
The train ran to the underground.
How can the sunflowers and the train meet?
I had never seen sunflowers when I took train.

4 thoughts on “sunflowers”

  1. Lingyun, I so love this film. The lively movement of the sunflowers over the stagnant imagery of the train platform evokes the energy of New York in a more typical Spring – bursting, blossoming, frantically reinvigorated by sunshine and joy.

    1. Thank you! Yes this year the spring doesn’t come punctually. We need some digital flowers although we’re confined at home. I have been staying in my parents’ house for more than three months. Now I’m glad that the situation becomes better finally.

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