Sonnet in the Village

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This video is an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76. Words can still resonate even hundreds of years later and in strikingly different contexts. It was recorded at the West Village institution, Kettle of Fish. A moment with Shakespeare on a winter evening. Certainly culminant. A fine actor and no better words written.

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  1. Being a non-native speaker, I’ve always loved the musicality of English language and listening to verses of Shakespeare spoken by a fine actor is always a pleasurable experience. It is very rare to see beautiful moments like this in real life even in New York.

    Watching this made me want to reread Shakespeare’s Memory by Jorge Luis Borges, another non-native speaker (albeit with a supreme intelligence that I do not possess) who has a deep love for English language.

    Hisham Matar gives a good reading of the story here:

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