A Block Party in Brooklyn

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Block Party

The sounds, rhythms, and feelings that are heard, felt, and sensed being outside in New York City during the summer is one of a kind. Being at a block party captures all of these sensations, HOLUS BOLUS. I had never been to a block party in Brooklyn and when I did finally go, I was torn between enjoying the moment (sans technology) or shooting a quick video to capture the moment and share with my friends and family later. I chose the latter. In this video, everything is captured. Though in a hasting fashion, from the stoop of the brownstone, at a sort of CULMINANT, you can: palpitate the sound of the speakers, the rhythm of the hip-hop music playing, the urge to dance from your street, and the need say nothing–just watch, listen, and record.

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  1. Ana, I love the feeling of this video and the accompanying text. There is something so beautiful about the association of a block party- an activity that is very “of the people” and the word “culminant”. Growing up in New York, it is easy for me to mark my years with block parties past. From bouncy houses and the cha-cha slide to BBQs and libations, these communal celebrations seem to reinforce and rejoice in the end to a beautiful summer while also signaling another anniversary of our respective communities. I am glad you were able to join in!

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