Peach Blossom

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I was looking for peach blossom in New York.

I went to Brooklyn Botanic Garden and just found some scattered flowers on the peach trees.

In my memory, the peach  blossom in China looked like bulky pink clouds.

On Roosevelt Island, I found the cherry blossom. I told myself it looked like the peach blossom I was looking for.

3 thoughts on “Peach Blossom”

  1. This video is mesmerizing. Not only does it encapsulate the word UMBEL in its direct meaning, as the cherry blossoms swirl and spin above us, but it also captures the unmistaken reality of the “natural” environment that surrounds the clip: a city landscape. At about 9 SECONDS, we get a sneak peek of the towering smoke stacks that serve as the backdrop of the cherry blossoms and many views of New York City. Discovering and rediscovering nature in a city landscape is an adventure. I’m glad you found the blossoms.

  2. I agree with Ana- this is such a mesmerizing video! Umbel is such a wonderful word to tackle in a city from which we all seem to sprout in clusters. I love how the video transforms you, the camera, into a part of these many clusters in the tree, removing you from the more industrial world for seconds at a time and then reminding us of your physical location.

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