Bibliomancy: Mandatory Messages

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Words and messages (or attempts at them) are impossible to avoid on the streets of the city. Whether or not we can read them, understand them, or interpret them, they are powerful images that attack the senses. These are snapshots from my trips to and from school and extra-curriculars. These are the images that assault my consciousness.

2 thoughts on “Bibliomancy: Mandatory Messages”

  1. I think your vision of New York City as a book comprised of many pages of graffiti is a perfect intertwining of your relationship to this CITY and your interest in BIBLIOMANCY (divination by interpretation of a passage chosen at random from a book). You transform our urban landscape into a spiritual text, certainly transcending the word itself, taking us as your viewers into another cosmos.Writing and reading become circular, vital, gritty, continually surprising, Your cinematography took me on a ride across the texture of a walls and sidewalks that FELT somehow, bringing in another sense that is not easy to articulate on the screen.

  2. I LOVE this project! It was so unique and really an adventure.

    I like how you paid attention to all the words and approached each graffiti like they had their own personality. I also liked how you played with the different graffitis as jokes.

    Also the music is awesome!

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