The History of the Night

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Just a short experimental film finding new ways of how we see or ‘do not see’ films by using simple shots of places and lights in NYC by night taken with a Flip camera and combining them with Jorge Luis Borges’ poem The History of the Night”.

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  1. A brilliant (on several levels) interpretation of the TYPHLOLOGY, not so much an answer to it but rather an externalized inversal, as if you were taking Stan Brakhage’s hapnagogic visions (the light that spins across our eyelids). Your camera’s play with light and shadow expresses a physicality that I think is very particular to the Flip camera; liberating in its refusal to recognize a horizon line. The Borges poem took the piece to another depth, oneiric and haunting — “the things you see are nothing more than your imagination, of which you have control over…”

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