Diglot: Choice Meats in the Meatpacking District

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9KJQnBl8Tk    This video juxtaposes images of the upscale clubbing scene and the grungy blue collar meatpacking business that coexist in this unique manhattan neighborhood. Although the video doesn’t literally present a diglot, in a sense the neighborhood is speaking two different languages by sending out mixed messages of its identity. On another level, the video itself sends mixed messages. On one hand it is the displaying the upscale crowd mixed with the lunchpail crowd and on the other hand it also derogatorily compares woman to meat. (I personally don’t believe that woman are comparable to meat!)

1 thought on “Diglot: Choice Meats in the Meatpacking District”

  1. What a clever visual meditation on the the duality of one aspect of our New York urban culture. I thought your interpretation of the word DIGLOT was clever and not as literal as others might have approached it. Your nocturnal explorations of the meatpacking district also seem to be asking your viewer to think about the view of women — as meat perhaps — in this kind of cultural situation. In this way, there are socio-political ramifications to your piece that remain intriguing in their ambiguity. I was particularly taken with your views into buidlings, your closeups and your cross cutting.

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