Alice in Wonderland and Omurice

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Alice in Wonderland in central park

In my recent business trip to Tokyo, I’ve decided to read Alice in Wonderland on the plane. There was a Japanese cartoon series based on Alice in Wonderland I loved to watch when I was a kid and I thought reading it would somehow help me find my way in Tokyo…
If there is a dish that can be served during the tea party in Alice in Wonderland, Omurice has to be it. It’s a Japanized version of western Omelette with fried rice in ketchup.


To me, this is the quintessential Japanese food and a very worthy offspring of western Omelette. It’s hearty, colorful, inexpensive, and very very tasty. Everyone who visits Japan should try it instead of cold and overpriced Sushi that most people seem to favor for a reason that I can never understand…

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  1. As Lawrence Ferlenghetti wrote years ago, it is a “coney island of the mind” that keeps us bewildered, curious and delighted by the small things of life, the rambunctious details that spit in our face and distract us from getting the job done, the job being something we don’t really want to do at that moment, in fact we would rather be walking through Central Park discovering a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland or eating ketchup on eggs, or appreciating the fact that generation by generation lives change, faces change, the XENOGENESIS implodes and we look at our parents and wonder, “Where the heck did I come from?”

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