PART TWO another movie …. elutriate

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part one is floating somewhere in this blog. it’s much more developed. probably because I had some sort of passion to actually finish it. i was bored with a lot of things when i made part one. the only thing that gave my life have some sort of movement was my ex-dude. i’m in a completely different state of mind. now, my life seems to be a bit too hectic (a good too hectic) so hence the under-development of this. making this was probably a good way to [finally and officially] pave over that part of my life.

4 thoughts on “PART TWO another movie …. elutriate”

  1. I think ELUTRIATE is the perfect word for the feeling of cleansing yourself of something you might actually love but also really need to be rid of. The animated drawing is fluid, like a living being moving in and out of space and time. Somehow the use of pen on paper still preserves the fingerprint, which in the end can never be wiped away. Lynne

  2. I just watched this three times in a row — I love its brevity and theme of memory — the sketches themselves feel like memories to me too, nostalgic about remembering.

  3. The words turn to little red dots at the end. My roommate asked me to show her some of the films from class, and I found myself showing her your pair.
    The cleansing one goes through at the end of emotionally heavy periods of our lives is essential to letting go of the bad bits and holding onto all the good ones (if that makes sense). The piece is sanctifying, and when the red dots disappear, I feel cleansed, calm.

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