1 thought on “Culminant: Report II Homage to Bruce Conner”

  1. Brandt, an eight year separation from the moment of impact gives you the ability to create a ritualized visual meditation on violence that his alarmingly beautiful. I am struck (no pun intended of course) by the way you created a series of aural rhythms out of the reports, not exactly mirroring Bruce Conner’s 1960’s homage to John F. Kennedy after his assassination, but continuing in the same spirit through your cerebral analysis of the way that the World Trade Center Attack has been integrated and perhaps exploited by our own popular culture. You do not address the Trade Center’s claim to being the highest, the CULMINANT, and yet this claim is explored by us as your viewers because we too are part of the American myth and we know those who are tall and those who are small. Lynne Sachs

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