Foudroyant in Manhattan

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I went to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on 110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan. The Cathedral is stunning, but I was more dazzled by the surprising inhabitant of the Cathedral’s gardens. Here is even more evidence of the breathtaking unpredictability and wonder of New York.

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  1. Sara, There is something so blissfully observant about this piece. I can feel your compassionate sensibility through the camera’s delicate appreciation for this animal in his urban environment. So often the documentarian in us all feels the need to expose that which cannot be seen, in this case you are showing your viewer a glorious bird through the responses of a young child, revealing the peacock’s FOUDROYANT glory. I am not sure if you are always observing the wonders of our animal cousins here in NYC but I hope you will continue this pursuit, by looking at other four-legged or feathered brethren living in this jungle we call the big apple. Lynne Sachs

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