3 thoughts on “The Devil Is In The Details- Holus Bolus”

  1. This is such a fantastic piece. Have you seen Holis Frampton’s Zorns Lemma, which is an equally exhilarating exploration of the alphabet and our metropolis. You can find lots about his work online. I think you will be inspired.

  2. Awesome clip, awesome, awesome, awesome. Makes me want to dance, and that was before I realized I had the sound off.

  3. Sophie, I have returned to this exhilarating piece quite a few times and at each viewing I discover new ways to engage with the textures and graphics of Alphabet City. This spin through the streets of the Lower East Side does give expression to the HOLUS BOLUS of life in an urban melieu, and yet it is not necessarily specific to the 2009 here and now. The “all at once” HOLUS BOLUS experience is also temporal; there is no yesterday or last year sensation, but rather the sense that the color and energy of this cityscape has been part of the Big Apple metabolism for as long as the sidewalks can remember.

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