Jerry-Build: Anatomy of Abecedarium Blog

BY In Choi | FILED UNDER Jerry-Build

Perhaps the word Jerry-Build perfectly describes how Abecedarium blog was conceived. It was a very long process of trial and error. All of us had to work together to come up with the best way to build a blog that could allow general public to post their artworks easily, but at the same time we had to make sure that they were moderated every step of the way.

You can see the example of Abecedarium Jerry-Building from my scribbles:

pseudo code scribble

Our discussion

Day by day, it was as if nothing was happening. But as I look back on it now I feel that we achieved something special and very unique. Here’s to all of us who had to work so hard on this project…

About In Choi

In Choi Programmer (PHP/WordPress and AJAX) and Usability Consultant Designer: User interface for Abecedarium NYC Blog Originally hoping to be a computer animator, In Choi studied digital arts and computer science. Amusingly, he has now lost all his interest in the art of animation. Instead, he found himself delving into interactive multimedia, software engineering, hypertext, and film. Presently, he is trying to establish himself as a user interface developer while keeping his options open for different artistic roles. As with any artistic medium one is working, he strongly believes his goal is to create an experience that does not persuade the audience, but always entertains and occasionally (hopefully) touches. In lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. Erik Schurink says:

    A post of yet a different kind, touching on the essence of the artist-contributed growth potential while bringing it back to the site’s core, the site’s root, the info trigger. It was good seeing you last week.

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