2 thoughts on “Vaticinate”

  1. When I first watched these honey bees busily preparing their hive, I was overwhelmed by a since of dread. I realized that they were using their innate ability to VATICINATE, to prophesize into the future, but that somehow that future had been tainted by human beings. As earnest as the bees may be about preparing their hive, somehow the world around them refuses to support their valiant efforts. Still they persist, and this in the end, gives me hope. I am so happy to have stretched our notion of what it is to live in the metropolis of New York City by including the rugged outer edges of the country. I look forward to more posts from the hinterland.

  2. Good use of extreme closeups to really pull the viewer into this tiny world. I’m a little puzzled by your decision not to use a soundtrack. Even a simple recording of bees buzzing away in the hive could add an entirely new layer of complexity and mood to this piece (along the lines of what Lynne describes, perhaps). I would love to see more images of the hive, even less convention shots of the empty honey comb, or perhaps honey dripping, illuminated in the bright sunlight. If you were to reshoot this, I’d encourage you to seek more and different kinds of detailed shots to supplement the interesting footage you’ve already got.

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