BY mrs396 | FILED UNDER Jerry-Build, Manhattan
YouTube Preview Image

An ultra low-res version, but I hope you enjoy.

2 Responses to “Jerry-Build”

  1. Erik Schurink says:

    Accidental confetti of city lights. Not Broadway. Lower East Side road humps. Potholes dodged. Culminant Williamsburg Bridge: low-res joy, high-res serendipitous exclamation point. Long live the bike, long live the sweatshirt, antidotes to Fifth Avenue limos, Wall Street pin stripes. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Long live roads and bridges. A beautiful reflection on NYC essence. Thank you!

  2. Lynne Sachs says:

    Yikes, this JERRY BUILT machine on wheels gives one amazing view of nocturnal New York. Through what experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage might have called a hypnogogic lens I see the darkness a-light and am reminded of the delights of this metropolis when one feels alone.

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