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An brief exploration into georgicism (made up word).

geor•gic |’jôrjik|
1 a poem or book dealing with agriculture or rural topics.

2 disambiguation: a short film by Wei-Ming Lam shot in upstate New York on the Appalachian Trail (Metro North stop) and on location in Manhattan on the lower west side.

adjective – poetic/literary
rustic; pastoral

-Oxford American Dictionaires

1 thought on “Georgic!”

  1. Tomorrow I will take a walk at the New Jersey Palisades and I will carry a memory of this visual and aural meditation, as it seamlessly leads me from the urban to the pastoral. I am so taken by the exquisite detail, the way the eye of the camera leads me not to a place but to an awareness. Thank you. I hope you will continue to create more and more work in this spirit.

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