Selenography: “moon games”

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Driving at night in a cab I glance out the window and find a shinny ball bouncing along. It’s almost as if I was riding steady through the city and this light was playing with me, hiding, jumping, shaking -at one point seemingly disappearing. I think the moon is alive.

2 thoughts on “Selenography: “moon games””

  1. What a delightful New York way of graphing the moon. Thank you. Your clip and your closing thought, evoked a poem by the great Guatemalan poet Humberto Ak’abal for me—”La Luna,” translated into English by Miguel Rivera:

    The Moon

    The moon
    sad in her loneliness,
    in spite of living
    among stars,
    swaying in her hammock in the sky,
    to be on the earth.

    She lies down in the bottom
    of any puddle.

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