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It’s not what you see but how it is framed

BY Lynne Sachs | FILED UNDER Manhattan, Rete

Rete Windows at Metropolitan

A good building helps us see beyond its walls.  These windows at the Metropolitan Museum create a spectacular RETE that welcomes the snow outside.

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Ai Wei Wei JERRYBUILDS in Brooklyn

BY Lynne Sachs | FILED UNDER Brooklyn, Jerry-Build

Jerrybuild Lynne Sachs Hanging with Ai Wei Wei

Hanging out with Ai Wei Wei at the Brooklyn Museum.   It takes a certain artistic brilliance to know how to JERRYBUILD a hanger, transforming it from a sartorial tool to a work of sculptural insight.

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A peaceful Merz Atak by the Gowanus Canal is destroyed

BY Lynne Sachs | FILED UNDER Brooklyn, Open City

Open City Kurt Schwitters Merz Attak Lynne Sachs

In an OPEN CITY , would we wage a Kurt Schwitters style attack on all things militaristic? I found this Dada celebration in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn in the summer and now it is long gone, making way for sky high apartment buildings.  Perhaps they will create their own OPEN CITY of peace.  (OPEN City – In war, a city that has abandoned all defensive efforts.)

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