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An Audile listens to a mysterious NYC bird

BY Lynne Sachs | FILED UNDER Audile, Brooklyn
YouTube Preview Image

I’ve been listening to this multi-song bird every night over the summer here in Brooklyn.  I have never seen it, but it perches in the top of a spruce tree in the front yeard by the street each evening. I recorded its lovely, dynamic song and now would like to find out if it is indeed a MOCKINGBIRD.

See the map of this post from New York, New York, United States.

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Welkin, by Amanda Katz

BY A_Katzz | FILED UNDER Brooklyn, Welkin

From my roof, the day my second nephew was born.
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Spring 2014

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Culminant, by Amanda Katz

BY A_Katzz | FILED UNDER Culminant

Landing in NYC from an Airplane
Unedited from the iPhone

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