Twitter in the tree, an unheard of sight by a non-audile.

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I’m not an AUDILE by any means, yet I do at times associate sound with image. When I see a bird I know it’s associated with sound, a species-specific song even. The sight of a bird often stops me in my track, as I anticipate a song, and the joy of hearing and emulating it. I remember my surprise on a vacation in Maine, when I learned that the cormorant doesn’t have a song, that the cormorant is mostly silent. And when it isn’t silent, it grunts like a pig as it takes offs or lands.
Anyhow, when I wake up in the morning, and I open the curtains I see a beautiful birch tree. One fall morning I noticed the shape of what could be a bird in its branched, its body. I took a photo of it. All I needed to do was add feet, wings, an eye, and a beak, and I did so with sound in mind.

The birch seen from tar beach, my safe escape into the outdoors, yielding this CULMINANT view

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