The Money Man

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Flying high above us, aiming for the pure blue welkin, the Money Man presides over my street. The gentleman who tends to him lives across the street, listening to opera and classic rock in his garage all day long. I never noticed before, but now I see him daily. Our routines collide under strange circumstances.

He sees my admiration for his money man, strung up from the tree– sort of fun, sort of eerie. We chat across the black concrete that fills the earth between sidewalks.

A new friend, closer than before but still at a distance.

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  1. It’s funny how we can see our neighbors in a different light because of an inexplicable artwork they display or the music they play and it makes us ponder over what their lives would have been like.

    I also had an old gentleman neighbor whom I knew very little and only said hello to. One day as I was passing his house, I heard a song “Ma Môme” from “Vivre sa vie” being played softly. When I got home, I played that song again and again. I wondered whether he had seen the movie at a theater when it originally came out and how amazing it would have been to watch that movie in a theater and see Anna Karina’s unforgettable gaze on a big screen.

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