Steel, Own, Steal, Gold

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What will be my highest point?
To scrape at the sky.
To tear down the floors of heaven.
To prove angels can fly.
Because without the clouds beneath them.
We hope to make them liars.
We want the Sun.
To rob.
To plunder.
– Milton De La Cruz

2 thoughts on “Steel, Own, Steal, Gold”

  1. The welcome, WELKIN, celebration of the sky as it sneaks its way between buildings is an ecstatic, delicacy that feels so alive with the sounds of squeaking fauna. I can sense your arm flying through the air, as if on a trapeze. The flattened texture of the image creates an intriguing, cubist interpretation of these daunting buildings. Thank you!

  2. A mugging of heaven, cool idea. This feels violent, like an attack with a knife. The motion up and down is reminiscent of a stabbing; the buildings are piercing and assaulting the sky. The audio is raw and feels fitting, especially the scream noise, as if a women has just witnessed a crime take place.
    i like it,

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