Daydreaming at dawn

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The city that never sleeps,
deserted streets and shuttered shops.
I dream of those dear nearby.
The sirens incessant roar,
then total silence returns.
I dreamt of fields golden skies, when time will come and nothing dies.
Wildflowers and cloudless days,
Nor fear, nor weary, no more tears.
Of Joys gone by,
The simple pleasures will remain.
Each day matters.
A sweet refrain,
Spirits soar.
Courage they say,
this too shall pass.
Melancholy fades,
a glimmer follows.
I wait till dawn,
Soft sounds of morning and gentle light enter the room,
Much to my delight.
Birdsong, a distant bark,
The fog horn sounds.
All settles down.
Another day in this old town.

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