Sea Level Inferno

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Long before 9/11, long before now, I prophesied that religious figures would try to destroy NYC by fire.

This short version of a concert-length version features pre-recorded music by various groups. The original was a silent video projection created for the composer/drummer William Hooker. In 1999, that 50 minute film was seen at the New York Underground Film Festival, the Texaco Jazz Festival, Tonic, The Anthology Film Archives, Real Art Ways, and about a dozen venues in the Pacific North West.

Actors in the film are: Michael Wiener, Carleigh Welsh, Michael Portnoy, and Beau Van Donkelaar.

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  1. Matthew Kohn resurrected his prophetic 1999 film as a way to explore levels of darkness he is witnessing today. What can we “vaticinate” from a current moment in time? How can hindsight nourish us or simply stop us in our tracks? And by the way, this urban nightmare is also an exhilarating musical experience.

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