5 thoughts on “The Audile-an film”

  1. This AUDILE piece is a real celebration of the senses. From the very start, I thought of the American Abstract Expressionists from the 1960s and their Modernist love of color and form. Their physical engagement with the canvas created an emotional, uncontrolled choreography of pigment. Because you have such a keen sense of the dynamic between the colors and the water, amazing things happen when the two combine. And it is the AUDILE in you, the sound-image moviemaker, that saw what could transpire in our minds as your audience when you brought sound to the experience. I was surprised and delighted by the trajectory of the piece over time, the way that we eventually move into the canvas and let go of the vessel (the glass). We enter the colors as if they are in a sea and we are let free to swim.

  2. An interesting and fun piece. I found myself anticipating your choice of music to accompany the image, comparing it to my own associations of sound and image. I have a friend who claims to be a synesthete and he constantly describes music as colors.

  3. Reminiscent of Persian Series, and also of that strange place between sleep and awake in which one has the capacity to hear colors (I fell asleep listening to Grizzly Bear on an airplane and this is exactly what I went through). I especially enjoyed when you started to get creative with the combinations of colors, ans of course the reverse shot of color leaving the water. Very surreal and sensory heavy.

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