An inspiring gardener from a Brooklyn community garden

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A Georgic gardener from Brooklyn

This woman features in my GEORGIC cine poem.  Her reverie on  planting kept me going during the making of the film. I met her two years ago when I was shooting in the community garden at 4th Avenue and Baltic in Brooklyn.  She talked about her garden as if it were her best friend. I tried to find her a few weeks later by asking people in the garden who she was and nobody could identify her.  Recently, my husband Mark saw her picture on this billboard. I still do not know her name, but I do adore her hair, as it reminds me of the roots of a tree.   I am sad to say that the garden itself is gone. They paved over paradise, just like the song.    Lynne

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  1. Oh, Flatbush Gardener, thank you for this correction. I have now changed the street names in my post. I hope you too will post some images from your Georgic garden.

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