1 thought on “The Highest Point”

  1. Men hanging out and talking, view from a high building, love poem, man walking down alley followed by camera, night to day, European style building, man on grass walk to water, view from train, interior windows of tall building, office with fluorescent light, more feet walking, books, sense of searching, like a detective, man on cell phone in library, snow falling, rule #2 be free, man with crayons on his stomach, reading from letter, all man, speaking an eastern European language, cutting a pepper, small toys, more reading this time with finger on page, mumbling, man climbing corner of white room. These are things that I saw in this fraternal reverie. These men seem both bonded and disconnected. Yes, they all share the same air space that is the film, so to speak, but they also move through the world in a very disconnected mode of being. I am still working on the film’s CULMINANT reference, its engagement with the highest point and will return to work on this some more. The photography is often shockingly lush even in the most dreary situations; in this way color becomes the most vivid, delightful optical gift.

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