2 thoughts on “inquiline”

  1. This watery reflection on the meaning of INQUILINE reminds us that we share this globe with other temporary residents, in this case the water animals of the sea. Are the fish and turtles who live in the Coney Island aquarium finding a home that nourishes them or imprisons them? I think this work begins to ask these questions, suggesting that we consider whether or not they are thriving or merely surviving. I was not sure how to register the image of the woman at the end, but I thought that perhaps she was being grouped in the same way as the aquatic animals, caught behind the glass.

  2. I love aquariums. Whenever I visit, part of me really enjoys it, but a whole other part of me wonders how the animals feel, and if they know any better, if they even remember being outside a tank, or if they wonder about the outside world.

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