2 thoughts on “bibliomancy”

  1. I was intrigued by this piece, wondering over the last few days how to interpret the delivery of the Sex and the City cut-up in the context of the word BIBLIOMANCY. After a few days of contemplation, I decided that the gist of this one minute tableaux was a sardonic spoof of the quintessentially Manhattan impulse to look at life as a big party. And…. Here is the holy handbook, the ultimate how-to. Has Carrie Bradshaw written the Bible on how to have a good time in the Big Apple? Not in my eyes, but somehow this is the perception of America in the new millennium. Yikes.

  2. Let me guess… You were looking for a title for this hilarious clip… and thought: “Let me use Abecedarium:NYC as if it were the I Ching.” You opened on page 2: Bibliomancy… Bingo! But you might as well have opened on page 9… or 11.

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