Cellular Welkin

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In trying to understand the sky and heavens above New York, I decided to take the most simple approach I could muster: observation. Everyday for two weeks I took reference footage of the sky above New York with my cellphone in the off chance that I would capture something that I haven’t noticed during my day to day operations.

At the end of those two weeks of observation I met a man, Jonathon (with his kids), on the sidewalk outside of a small East Village congregation and he proceeded to welcome me inside and talk with me about his perception of heaven. I recorded our conversation on my cellphone.

2 thoughts on “Cellular Welkin”

  1. Nice piece, but it is a good thing you explained it as a cellular piece because the audio was a bit tricky to understand. I cannot wait to get to heaven!

  2. I found this piece to be one of the most transformative “motion pictures” experiences I have had in a long time. By allowing the sky to open up through your lens, you gave us a way to see textures in motion, the sky becomes a canvas that is alive and in this case celestial. I so appreciated the juxtaposition of the text articulating the how of the piece, because it gave me the sense of the new daily ritual that you imposed upon your regular routines. And then, as the project came to a close, you were primed to listen to a stranger who felt a kinship with the heavens. A wonderous tribute to the word WELKIN.

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