Forgotten NY: From Street Necrology to Subway History

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Forgotten NY Logo For anyone interested in above, or below ground NYC history, Forgotten NY is an absolute treasure. Curious what your neighborhood looked like 100 years ago? Find detailed street necrology and photo galleries for neighborhoods from Greenwich Village to Astoria. Whether you live in Bushwick or Jamaica, St.George or the Lower East Side, this trove of original source documents will keep you occupied for hours.  Want to get even closer to NYC history? Take a Forgotten NY walking tour anywhere from Prospect Park to Hell’s Kitchen.

Happy exploring!

1 thought on “Forgotten NY: From Street Necrology to Subway History”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for this. What a find. What a gift to know that “the secrets of Prospect Park”—in my backyard—can be found under the title “Forgotten New York”, making me aware there is ever more to learn about what you think you know a lot about already. The 1999 S.I. walking tour yielded a memory for me as I lived in St. George, and discovered St. Mark’s Place one day, and went back there with my Rollei one sunny weekend day, to capture those amazing structures on 35mm slides, the likes I had not learned about in Architecture History, or couldn’t have imagined existing in the city I identified with steel, concrete and glass.

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