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Kermis (n.):

  1. Country fair: in former times, an annual country fair held in the Netherlands and northern Germany.
  2. Fundraising festival: a festival or fair held to collect money for charity.

Origin: Late 16th century. < Dutch, "mass on the anniversary of the church's dedication" < kerk “church” + misse “mass” >.

Selected New York City Street Fairs:

06.20.07 – 06.24.07: St. Antonio Abate Society of Castrofilippo
Location: Ditmars Boulevard (between 35th & 38th Street), Astoria, Queens

06.23.07: Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Location: West 10th Street (at the Boardwalk)

08.16.07 – 08.19.07: Borgetto Cultural Association
Location: Steinway Street (between 25th & 28th Avenue), Astoria, Queens

Selected Resources:

NYC Parades + Annual Events:

Central Astoria Local Development Coalition:

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