The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology: NYSoundmap

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I was at The Tank the other day and picked up a postcard with information about current projects of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE): Sound-Seeker, Giant Ear))) and City in a Soundwalk. I noticed how similar the concepts from Audile from Abecedarium: NYC are, although much smaller is scale and simplified. All of the NYSAE projects listed are very intriguing. Here is more information:
Sound-Seeker: What kinds of sounds can you find in New York City? With sound-seeker, you can zoom, pan and search for sounds with interactive satellite photos or detailed maps. Click on hot spots to listen to the recorded sounds of a location pin-pointed by gps.

Giant Ear)): A monthly, two-hour radio show webcasting recordings of the NYC soundscape, (wo)man-on-the-street public interest interviews, live on-site sound explorations, special guests, and more on free103point9 Online Radio.

City in a Soundwalk: Composer Michelle Nagai leads you through various soundwalks in the city. Through a practice of focused listening, move through an environment with complete attention to sound. Any environment, at any time of day or night, can become a soundwalk. Anyone, anywhere, can make a soundwalk.

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